Spending time with Noah. He’ll be one on Friday(!), and he’s becoming such a little boy. He’s just started walking, can say ‘mama’, ‘dada’, and ‘nanna’; and is learning new things every day. This weekend alone, he learnt how to eat off a fork, and wave bye-bye. He’s no longer a baby, and is growing up so fast. I’m cherishing every moment with him. Soaking up his snotty snuggles and belly laughs. He’s brilliant fun, my baby boy.



I’m just over halfway through MORNING STAR by Pierce Brown. I’ve been staying up late to read more than my usual one chapter every night. I have some serious eyebags to show for it, but it’s bloody fantastic! I can’t put it down.


I’m re-watching Grimm and Pretty Little Liars. Before Noah, I didn’t watch much TV, but I like to put something on in a morning while I feed Noah his morning bottle and try to wake myself up. I’m not the morning person I pretend to be.

Listening To

My favourite writing soundtrack:

Thinking About

How I’m going to juggle writing with two kids until two. In the last few weeks, I have finally got a good writing routine down with Noah. It’s taken a year, and I know that once the new baby arrives, all that will go out the window, because having a newborn is hard, and after going the transition once before with Noah, I know it will be months before we all get into the swing of a new daily routine, and that’s before adding writing back into the mix. I really hope I can get Noah and the new baby onto the same napping and bedtime schedule, as that’s when I get the bulk of my writing done now. I know I’ll figure it out eventually, as I have with Noah. If it takes another year, then so be it.


Our gender scan on Saturday. I cannot wait to see who’s in there this time. This pregnancy has been so different in the absence of the extreme morning sickness, so I’m not sure if that’s a sign I’m having a girl, or if it’s another boy. Of course, the only thing that matters is that the baby is healthy. Still, it will be lovely to know what our family will look like come October.


For warmer days. A few weeks ago we had a beautiful sunny weekend, most of which I missed due to a migraine (a pregnancy symptom). It’s already May, and we go away shortly for a week in the Yorkshire Dales, and the weather just refuses to warm up. Come on already, summer! I’m ready for you.

Making Me Happy

This beautiful face: