2017 Writing Goals

Sickness and teething sabotaged my plans to get this post up at the end of January, and I have finally recover from an awful cold. Thought I’d seize the chance to get this up while we’re all healthy. No doubt we’ll all be poorly again before winter’s finished. Teething, however, is an ongoing thing, of course. No stopping that.

Anyway, enough rambling.

I knew having babies would delay my writing career—and I was right. At nine-months-old, Noah is crawling and quite the little explorer. No more sneaking in writing time while he plays on the floor. He demands all my attention, all the time. Except during naptimes.

Yes, I might be home with him all day, but looking after Noah is a full-time job, and writing comes second.

He won’t be little forever, and I’m cherishing every moment with my baby boy, who is fast growing into little boy. Much too fast.

So no lofty writing goals for me this year. I see no point in setting myself up for failure with unrealistic goals. I’m good at that. Therefore, I’ve stuck to (what I hope are) manageable goals. The way I see it, this year and probably the year after, are for preparation. Time to get my stories drafted, revised, polished, and ready to query. It sounds like plenty of time, but with a busy family life, it’s guaranteed to fly by.

My goals:

  • Finish first draft of Timekeeper (currently at 20k)
  • Revise Soulbound (for a second time, using Savannah’s notes)
  • Plan/outline Secret Project
  • Draft as much of Secret Project as possible in September (35k? Maybe half of the book?)

Still plenty to be getting on with, right?