Writing Update: October 2016

It’s been two years since I finished the first draft of SOULBOUND. Two years!

Sometimes it feels like I’ve accomplished so little since then. Sure, I revised SOULBOUND and wrote half of a second draft, drafted the first 20K of TIMEKEEPER, and am currently planning to rework and finish that draft for NaNoWriMo—or get as close to the end as I can. But that’s nothing when I look at my peers. Some of whom crank out multiple manuscripts a year. It’s easy to feel like I don’t have what it takes.

Then I remember that I shouldn’t compare my writing life to anyone else’s. They are as individual as the people they belong to. Theodore Roosevelt got it right when he said: ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’

That, and I’ve had a couple of crazy years in real life—I got married, bought a house, and had a baby. So when you take all that into account, as well as the writing—the last couple of years have been very productive. I suppose it’s fair to say that my career took a backseat through most of that, especially considering how ill I was during my pregnancy. I was on sick leave from the day job for the duration.

As I said in my last post, I’ve been more motivated since Noah’s birth than ever before. Now I have such limited free time, I get annoyed at my past self for procrastinating so much. I could have gotten loads done. But I can’t go back and put my past self straight, so Instead I’m consciously trying to make better decisions about my time now.  Decisions that my future self will be grateful for. Some days it just doesn’t happen. I do have a baby, people. I am trying, though. And it is making a difference.

So, yes, two years on, I’m still not done with the second draft of SOULBOUND. I’d spent a full year revising the manuscript, but had gotten too close to the story and was making silly mistakes. We needed some time apart. It’ll stay shelved until I’ve drafted TIMEKEEPER. I’m aiming to be done by the end of the year, so I can focus on the third draft of SOULBOUND in early 2017.

I’ll be back before the end of the month with a post on how I’m preparing for NaNoWriMo. Should be a busy month, trying to find time to write 1667 words a day around a baby who refuses to nap.


I’m Back!

Holy hiatus—that was a long one! Apologies, folks.

When my son, Noah, arrived in May, everything else had to take a backseat while I learnt to navigate the turbulent waters of new motherhood.


Almost five months in, and I’m happy to report that we’ll all still alive. Noah is—fingers crossed—out of the sleep regression phase and sleeping through the night again. We have some semblance of a routine in place. And now I’m getting more sleep, I feel like I’m finally getting my shit together again. Things are good.


I gave up my day job as a school librarian extraordinaire to stay home with Noah full-time, basically exchanging one kind of wrangling for another. I love it.

My plan was to take time off to focus on Noah’s infancy, then get serious about writing again only when I was ready.

To be honest, though, I’ve been eager to get back on the writing train for months now. Since July, I’ve been trying to find a balance between book and baby—and it’s bloody hard sometimes. Totally worth it, though.

This is the life I always dreamed of, and I’ll be damned if I won’t do everything in my power to make it work.

Of course, being Noah’s mum comes first. Always. But once he’s asleep, my book gets all my attention.

As ever, It’s a work-in-progress.

I’m thrilled to be back, and taking my writing life by the horns again. Right now I’m working on a super detailed scene-by-scene outline for TIMEKEEPER, in preparation for NANOWRIMO next month. Because, you know, I’m crazy.