What’s Up Wednesday #6

What I’ve Been Reading:

Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper, a wholly original YA historical about sea witches and the magic they use to protect the whaling community of Prince Island. Gorgeous, lyrical writing, fantastic world-building, heart-stopping romance, this book had it all. I’ve pre-ordered the prequel, Drift & Dagger.

The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon was choked down in one sitting. Oh my goodness, it was astonishing! The hangover is still holding strong. It will be a long wait until the next one. Oh, Warden. I miss you already.

Right now I’m almost halfway into Siege & Storm by Leigh Bardugo. And I have to say it, Sturmhond is a total legend.

What I’m Writing:

I’m revising Soulbound. Susan Dennard’s Revising Your Novel series is my bible as I trudge through this new territory. I am finishing up with lesson one—finding out the heck I wrote—and actually feel like I can do this. Journaling my way through this is taking a lot of pressure off. Another tip I got from Susan Dennard. She is a genius—and that’s why she won three awards in the “Best Writing Blogs” for 2014.

What Works For Me:

Dragging myself out of bed early to work on my book, before I head off to the day job. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination—in college, I stayed up until at least 2 a.m. every morning—but changing my sleep schedule to allow me to get out of bed at 5 a.m. and still be able to function at the day job has actually changed my life. I used to think writers who woke up so early were crazy. But I am all but brain dead when I get home from the day job, so writing before work was the only option. I made it work. I relish those early mornings now—it’s when I do my best writing.

What Else Is New:

Neil turned thirty a couple of weeks ago—and bought himself a PS4. I’ve barely seen him since. He’s addicted, and now has no ground to stand on when it comes to mocking my obsession with The Sims 4.

My brother leaves for RAF training next week. I’m so proud of him. I really think this will be the making of him.


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