2013: A Recap

Wow. Where do I even start with 2013? Well, it was an epic year for me. Truly. I can barely even fathom how much has happened in these last twelve short months.

The notables:

  • Fell in love with Neil
  • Left the public library where I’ve worked for two years
  • Submitted five job applications, had three interviews, scored a new job!
  • Moved out of my parent’s house and in with Neil
  • My niece, Charlotte Fay, was born in February
  • My parents adopted a toy poodle puppy named Millie.
  • Spent a weekend away in North Yorkshire with Neil in August
  • Turned 23!
  • Became critique partners with the incredibly talented Savannah J. Foley
  • Got serious about my writing career and have since worked to make it a priority
  • Made significant progress with SOULBOUND—wrote a synopsis (my first!), restarted the manuscript—brainstormed TIMEKEEPER, and conceived two new young adult fantasy ideas—one standalone, and the other with series potential.
  • Became passionate about minimalism for the masses
  • Travelled to India for the first time!

In all honesty, I have nothing bad to say about 2013. This year was so good to me—and my family. We’ve all been so blessed. I did disconnect from some people who had once been important to me, but we’d grown apart from. Far apart. For a while it stung—it wasn’t an easy move—but now I’m at peace with my decision.

I feel like I’ve done an enormous amount of growing up this year. Meeting the love of your life, moving in with him, and getting your first “big girl” job will do that. As will getting serious about your career.

My faith fell to the wayside in 2013, and I hope to make it more of a focus in 2014. God doesn’t forget about me just because He’s a little busy. I shouldn’t either. The Lord has always been there for me, and it’s time I made my faith more of a priority.

If this year has set any kind of precedence, I can scarcely imagine the adventures awaiting me in 2014. I’m so excited!


One thought on “2013: A Recap

  1. and what about ‘my wonderful handsome Uncle John who turned 51.’ Hope the trip is going well Laura. Love you lots xx

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