Catching Up

Neil and I are still in that honeymoon stage of our relationship. We’ve been dating for five months now, and our time together has been super intense, all-consuming and completely wonderful. Been so caught up in each other, we’ve let everything else fall by the wayside, except for the non-negotiable stuff like our day jobs and sleep. Neither of us would change a thing.

But we’re more settled now—we’ve slowed down and found our rhythm together. And we’re ready to start focusing on ourselves again. Basically, the time has come to finally start catching up on all the things we’ve been neglecting and reprioritising to allow for the huge shift in our day-to-day lives.

My writing life has taken the biggest hit. Because I split my time between my parents’ house and Neil’s nowadays, I feel like I should be spending that more limited time with them and not tucked up somewhere quiet with my laptop, writing. It’s reached the point where I feel guilty for even thinking about my book when I’m with them.

But that is wrong. I’m desperate to write all the time, because I’m depriving myself of that basic need. I’m a writer—I live and breathe writing, so why am I not writing?

Because I haven’t made it a priority these last few months. But that changes right now.

I need to start treating writing more like a job. I might not be contracted, nor do I even have an agent yet, but I have to get serious. I have to put in the time

Thankfully, Neil and my family understand that writing is my future career, and that it will take hard work, sacrifice, and a hell of a lot of time.

You have to make time for all the important things in your life, and beyond Neil and my family, writing is my top priority.